Sociology of Education

The importance of sociology and ethnomethodology is an indispensable dimension of urbanized, then globalized societies of opportunity and consumption. Turning high schoolers into engineers at profession layer, paving the way for some others to step on homo acadimus at university of knowledge workers, publicly called professors, are nonetheless an Adornoian description of schooling. seemingly another -ism, in this case social realism, can draw a better canvas to juxtapose postmodernistic styles and what modernism brought into this field of study.

My first writing was an integration of what Bourdieu defined as cultural fallacy of reproduction and how Bernstein struggled to categorize it, and it was a challenging project. Here comes a link to download the whole text:

Science , sociology of technology and the status of education

science develops by article publishing and thoughtful exploration, and also by discoveries. science development has contributed to technological advancements. One may claim that technology is the second-hand usage of science. science shows us how the world is , however, the manipulation of the world can only be realized by technology (techne). In turn to social sciences, one can claim that sociology shows us how communities are related through their positions, power relations, race, gender and so on.

it seems that both natural science and sociological concepts should come to a departing point for drawing an outline for socio-scientifc consciousness which may be able to cooperate together to help post-modern men’s problems and the natural/environmental issues.

I mean there need to be a harmony between science , nature and man. Today’s communities have inevitably put themselves between two constantly changing movements: scientific development and the technological advancements resulting from the former. The overexertion of the latter one may be a fundamental factor in the dark era of climate crisis. On the other hand, social, traditional structures, cultures are under a non-stop influence of the mentioned scientific discoveries and technology. For example, the form of communication has been channeled by many a applications through which the whole globe is wired and seems to have created a form of applied technological culture and shared codes, although implicit, of behavior among communities. A kind of soul and collective mentality has emerged that may be titled as ” technique soul”. Emotion, passion and chit-chat have been integrated into pixels, digits and velocity of product consumption. The unconscious has been geared on a one-way road. Presumably, the status of education has taken the same road, the road of overexertion on positivist mentality. The different approaches toward the world are seemingly vanishing, so are the cognitive concepts.

Raped by her brother, she committed suicide at the age 15.

A teacher, at any category of school system,apart from his or her knowledge on any specialsed form, is someone who tends and attempts to comprehend and analyse his pupils in regard to their psychological status,  societal fabric wherein his students habit, and also methodical approach. Shouldn’t a teacher be aware of a girl who works as a part time prostitute for paying university fee? Are schools responsible for pinpointing every kind of social problems and figuring out ways to solve them and help their students? How can we help a girl whose brother has raped her, while she keeps silent in the classroom and is not able to concentrate on topic,  let alone mastering the knowledge?  here,  I do not mean at all a kind of integration for a matter of control or any other pompous method of writing an academic article on violences, sexual assault or any form of harassment at schools. I rather try to say that social,  familial,  economic problems have always had an impact on both teachers and students. Keeping track of their life is a continuous necessity. We cannot wait for an article to be published, read and their conclusion would drop in the hands of school managers.  Being on alert and having a conscious  eye on students may be one of the shortcuts to solve social,  psychic problems. 

91% of rape victims are not reported in the world. Is’nt this a social problem, a dramatic situation which can change the whole perspective of the raped people toward life in the rest of their problem? A melancholic vision, hidden there, invisible and gloomy. As simple as a dark reality which necessicates sociologists to outline their theoretical contexts filled with loss of nerve, tinted with religious uncertainty, shame, repentance and the regard of populace to this problem which is not seen or understood as a pathological social problem but as “oh my God” exclamation which is an irresponsible way of ignorance and negligence. A big pain which is covered in a marginal way by News agency and then seemingly vanishes but sticks to the fabric of life of the raped. Bitter emotion is what I want to point at. The dramatic form of emotion which the rape victim carries in his or her psyche hiddenly. A malicious pain, an unforgettable sad story. This dark feeling may be solved by different forms of pyschoanalysis or other kinds of therapy. Although therapies such as Gestalt, Freudian ones could have a way or another to these personal problems, it seems that there is a thoughtful need to have a totally separate kind of analysis by which educationalists could theorise a scientific approach and come with a theory of therapy to this socially pathological acts. The causality and origins lying behind the action of rape may show the way to a theory of rape. The steps and reasons of rape may be found through reading the reports on the rape victims, a comparative study, and also by face- to – face conversations so that a platform of data could be gained in order to find the reasons and psychological status of those who rape and those who are victims of rape. Then through multifaceted analysis involving socio-psychological lens, the factors causing rape would be discovered and eliminated, also the effects of rape victims need to be analysed at schools.

 A school is like our house which needs repeative  clean and care. Being totally lost in the results of academic writings is a narrow mindedness while teachers and school managers may come together and solve their students and each other social problems. 

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