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Each word needs to be thoughtfully chosen to make the criteria of curriculum making. Logics of world need to be translated into a form of ideas which make a plan for the logics of curriculum. 

Post Epistemic program

As we look at all instruction approach, models, strategies, we can come to this point that all the models are set and organised for delivering old sacred justified epistemic areas. These models have one point in common and it is to teach the pre-justified knowledge with a plethora of models. Whether these models are based on inquiry, discovery, cooperation, or dialogue, students are to be evaluated based on Educational goals or curriculum objectives. From setting goals, specific objectives, desiging instruction, implementation to formative/ summative evaluation, all these useful models help, support and guide both learners and teachers to work on old sacred epistemology of area. However there is a point which seems here missing and it is the dynamic dimension of knowledge which needs to be emphasised. Nowadays there are hundreds of thousands of learning and teaching methods which have tested and evaluated the validity of these modules in different areas of episteme such physics, chemistry, mathematics and social sciences. However the point of dynamic episteme is blurred by researchers I’m the field of curriculum. They all struggle to see what happens when a models is applied in a different groups being divided into experience and control group or asking for teachers perspective on a specific models of a problem in education. Again by considering the format of these models and their final objectives, that is to say the final goals of learning and teaching models, are to instruct the same old sacred episteme to learners. Subsequently the sacred justified epistemic data fall in the loophole of teacher, knowledge, learner trilogy. By this trilogy, a new form of episteme is about to vanished. My point is that,going behind this trilogy, a new form of epistemic module is needed to pass through the sacred old knowledge and form a new form of episteme which maybe bigger than the old justified knowledge. This module may explain new forms of questions related to any area of knowledge or even to a lesson plan. Here comes a diagram that I drew on a canvas and tried to show it in a step by step manner.

Post- episteme program: Masoud Niati

Tartarus or School

I called her Goblin, she was not an innocent teacher, but she asked for more care. she was not faddish and she was jealous.

  1. Liquid curriculum

This is a story, not an educational story but an epic. It is an epic without end and with ends. It is rational and irrational due to a simple fact that human being is undergoing constant change as he or she passes million paths with their own pathos. Education lies at the corner of this story and not at the center. What this story shows is of could-be-legends who turned into forcing power of an evil machinery of ministerial policy . An invisible tragic storyline  has been called into realization by teachers of functions and pragmatism . The divine order of educational systems ranging from PhD to kindergarten has already come to be accepted by millions and unconsciously absorbed into the epistemological hierarchy of millions’ minds. And nothing more. There is no  curriculum parliamentary system. Instead, İt is the PhD which rules over it, and no one has challenged its authenticity or symbolic kingdom. This is  how populace visualize education as a hierarchical map. Education starts from the east of kindergarten   and disappears in the west line of PhD. The time has come to rethink the mythology of education with its gods and superstitions of economic emancipation , to get rid of its Zeus. The first critique is so related to immeasurable dimension of education which could be related to null curriculum and to non-designed life experiences . Thus the highest residence of education is not PhD .The critique is not only on the form of PhD program but on the assumption that the possessors of it have a secure reliable episteme to be unquestionably listened and accepted. Therefore, this is an Adornoian attack on ‘’badge holders’. The gaping void, that evil part of human nature , seems to have been neglected by educationalist. Pragmatism as a problem solver mindset seems a periphery of this murky gap which has appeared throughout history both on a daily basis and now globally. It would be useful to quote a sentence : the whole aim of education should be that Auschwitz will not happen again. Progressive education can also be criticized in this manner.  Schools as uterus of education have  acted as junky females who have procreated creepy off-springs. Desire or Eros of children has gradually evaporated into shadows of meaning and murky scores.  As some body sizes are different and I have seen many girls who were more excited and colourful than boys, however the curriculum was neutral and beige. Architypes are different but the curriculum is the same.  Illegal education is the underlying cause behind at least partially  prisons. What has education done for decreasing the crime rate in the world? And can a teacher inspire all types of learners, and students,  then how? While time progresses and some learners get frivolous, teachers probably think of a need to use more disciplined methods. Moribund curriculum is juxtaposed against lively human beings. As some learners have a living soul , some others are born mortals who need to be picked by the arrows of teacher’s desire accompanied by wisdom or  rationality of creative method which cannot be easily created by resorting to orthodoxy of teaching techniques . Through differentiation, demarcation, measurements and colonization between and among students,  educational systems have provided a bottommost group and highest group as Bourdieu pointed.

what if we come up with a differentiation between Aphrodite , the goddess of love and beauty, and Hephaestus, the disabled, the jealous. Let’s add another demarcation between the brightest and darkest levels of human understanding of the world and himself , and then the whole meaning of teaching will go between Tartarus , the darkest part of knowledge, and mere enlightenment and not earth. What if we design programs ranging from the weirdest creative one to the most rational one? İnstead of learning sacred past knowledge, we could come with new datum relating to children questions and by a consequential category we would make a blueprint for each object category? Banking system and still many modernist educational program consider human beings’ mind as anvils on which hot information are repeatedly hit and hit until no liquid mind runs into thinking and pangs of creativity. Social integration should be considered again , simply  İts pros and cons. Don’t  we need an isolated place so as to concentrate and learn? Social integration and socializing itself will lose their sacred meaning if the necessity of concentration is confirmed in a separate study room at home or anywhere else. Does socializing bring about only one type of collective massive consciousness for a variety of personality and minds? As female species among humans give life to new species in nine months until a baby is born in Tartarus , a place for punishment and mere darkness where a deepest knowledge is needed to get it illuminated. uBt now illumination is so harsh that it has turned us all dogmatic survivors. The biggest issue of education probably historically came into being to get out of darkness about nature and consequently a flood of mythical figures coined and adapted in daily life.

This darkness has had two origins coming from unjustified beliefs and destructive power of man himself. The first was opened into science by rationalism , however the second could not find an absolute way except laws and human rights and no child left behind naïve laws. But origins were untouched and remained there in Tartarus. We should never forget that two children of brightness came into being by the underworld. Getting rid of total darkness is essentially impossible due to the fact that brightness finds its step into its opposite. Making a distinction between every opposite sets ,e.g.,  dark or bright, solid or  liquid , can be called into education area as a second stage. Generating by oneself and out of himself or herself has been an idea that is essentially part of human nature, a kind of generating which has been neglected mostly by educationalists and systems as well.

We could see that STEM, instrumentalism and related neo-liberal systems have brought with themselves a time which seems unageing , however, it could be noticed that the time  has stopped and bogged down in this system. The time ,which could give birth to great minds to build new forms of life and structures or agents, has reproduced ,in an  unageing manner, itself and same offsprings. Discovery learning has been added as a peripheral vision to  the main curriculum which is fully moribund, a curriculum which has been basically designed for a global bazaar. The time has died.

As Chaos or Night was used to be believed in Greek mythology as the one who came first in a cosmogony, the idea of first creator is still on minds of people whether children or a scientist such. The point is that such questions are eternal structures which recur in minds. From Greek mythology to modern epistemology, some questions or perhaps many have emerged in minds of human beings. What if education systems were based on, in some respect, exploring, and answering these eternal structures ? And İf legendary singers and great scientists are not going to products of schools, then schools have lost, at least, one functionality. They will only create a regime of engineers and doctors, or end of history and a shop for suicide.

2. What is night?

Night is the result of a circulation, a planetary circulation. Now there is no circulation, there is only linear nonstop movement of technology, consumption and production which seem moving in a circular way but it is not. Why it is not? Due to the fact that there is no other round which makes a circle complete with a totally different mood of living. This night is spreading over day and blocks day of change. Heidegger was right in recognition of overuse of technology. Now let’s have a look at the progenitor of night which was Chaos.

If we accept that human beings naturally have the potentiality to be evil or good mannered, then we may come to a simple point that one of the objectives of education is to spot all that is good in every child and raise it to a point of continuous dialectic of good manner of living in their life up to their passing away. In addition to this side of education, there needs to be struggle to grow in a manner to fight the progenitor of evilness in the world. Nowadays this way of fighting against the darkness in the life is called by some scholars dark pedagogy in which the main stream of education is to spot terrible dimensions of modernist life such environmental issues and on. From the points mentioned, we come to the conclusion of a dichotomy: evil and good potentiality in human beings. Socratic dialectic then can be summoned to the field of thinking about education. Immediately another question comes to the scene: do schools generate personality traits? Whether we say yes or no, socializing has a lot to claim here, but school and its power to transform pupils and make sure that knowledge is worked upon by students and teachers has a lot claim. Or more importantly, what do schools generate?

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