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Bomb: love story

Bomb:love story

Bomb: love story is a movie directed by Payman Maadi, an Iranian director, showing the atmosphere of iran-iraq war which lasted for eight years from 1980 to 1988. This movie conspicuously illustrates the ideological frames of an Islamic regime in school management with a variety of teachers at a segregated school alloted only for boys who are repeatedly physically or verbally threatened or punished by their teachers. Besides, teachers and students have to follow and obey governmental slogans against Iraq regime by shouting ” Down with Iraq, America, Soviet union, France, England as they stand in the queues each day.

A clip from the movie “Bomb: love story”

The social life of students are woven into harsh conditions of war and their family life is mainly based on the subject matter of survival during the war. The movie also shows the life of a married couple who are teachers. They have their own love story as well which is seemingly one of the main themes of the movie. Another main theme is about a secondary school boy who suddenly falls in love with a girl during a gathering in a shelter during a bombardment. The familial relationships, school, and familial relationships surround both students and teachers. Educationally, this movie manifests ideologically-laden schools management in the era.

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