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This website, designed by Masud Niati, is to discuss three fundamental categories of education , in this case, philosophy, sociology and psychology of education. As the sub fields of education emerge, the roots of education go under dramatic change; as life gets tinted with scientific findings, the life meaning is tangled and untangled. Regarding all these, a bigger cartography of concepts relating to education is definitely needed. I strongly believe that a new era of education is needed to grasp the whole out of scattered educational identity, the identity which is more similar to economy rather than the educative role of schools as humanistic tools working for cultural lift in societies.Urbanized societies have brought distortion and postmodernists have helped this distortion, and its effect has had a penumbra of self-mistrust to any school system whether classic , progressive and so on, a type of misunderstanding on education that can be defined as a requiring path to opportunity and global self destruction, as a higher degree to reach a populism , an educational populism. Sur education will struggle to sketch a critical field on education by leaning on interdisciplinary lens. Due to growth of knowledge over educational science, sociology of education, without causing too much excitement, the role of education, its core concepts are going to be discussed here.

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